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male australia
i see why they're so dear now, thats really annoying thoughi would like to have some of them? maybe another time? well green terrors are about $9dollars depending on where i go could change a couple of dollars for a 3.5-4.5cm juvinile roughly? thats the same with jack dempseys too over here.. if you think 43 for a leporinus is dear the frontosa here are $60each.. not sure if any of these would be cheaper in the larger cities though? iv been trying to get ahold of some shellies for a tank that i made and none of the lfs have rung me back yet to say they've found some, i think one store had a Altolamprologus sp. "Compressiceps Shell"? (i think it was this one?) for $80 each? if andbody in queensland AUS knows where i can get some brevis or ocellatus or multi's let me know?
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