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SubscribeKribs question
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I have a male and female Krib. The male used to hide in the cave all the time and the female would swim around and was very friendly. In the last few days the female has taken over the cave and kicked the male out. If he gets to close she chases him away. She don't chase or harass any other fish nor does he. Is there a possibility that she laid eggs or is she just being a brat?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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She could have laid a batch, but usually the father helps just as much with the guarding. My pair has another batch of eggs (noticed it only after I stuck the gravel vac right infront of their log ). The mother usually hangs closer to the eggs with the father roaming further away, usually keeping everyone else in the other half of the tank.

If this is their first batch together they might still be getting used to being new parents.


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