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SubscribeRedoing my 30 gallon
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male canada
Hi all.
i've been thinking of stripping out my thirty gallon and remodelling into a convict, breeding aquarium.
So I'm wondering if I can get some expert help here, like what substrate is best, and if I can even get a male and a female into a thirty gallon?

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Im not sure, but I think that a 30 might be pushing it. Before doing this you might want to consider a couple of things. First of all, convicts are like rabbits, they're crazy breeders. If you start breeding them, do you have anywhere to put the fry? You cannot leave them in the 30. One solution is asking your LFS if you can trade the fry for store credit. This can be a stretch though since convicts are fairly common.

As for substrate, anything would really work. Gravel or sand, take your pick.
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male uk
The tank size is fine, Convicts rarely top six inches, females less...disposal of the fry is the main thing, will the LFS take them off you? You'll need to grow them on to a decent size, and if youre doing this in the same tank as the adults, they will already be breeding again and start attacking the juveniles..
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