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Cichlid Kid
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male usa
Does anyone know how to do this?
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Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
its hard to tell, but you need fully developed specimens. (ie sexually mature)

and the males will be beefier and have larger heads compared to females... you can only tell in relativity.

at least as far as i know thats the only way...

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male canada ca-ontario
Sometimes the male has a bump on the forehead,
also slightly longer fins that come to a point. Can't always tell like that though but that's how I usually try it. Oscars can be VERY hard to tell apart.

Venting is another way to sex them.

The Amazon Nut...
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male uk
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Have to say though, that if you were about to choose oscars on the strength of fish suitable for a 20 gallon based on advice given in the other thread - dont. An oscar can outgrow a 20 gallon in a matter of weeks. Go for a species less than 5 inches at adult size.As adults when in a stroppy mood they can kill just about any other fish in a tank too. This whole "oscars are gentle giants" thing is much over espoused because oscar keepers like to inspire fandom of the species, but TBH oscars are already sold in amounts massively disproportionate to those people actually able to care for them or house them properly. Some kill other fish on sight.

Wouldnt want you taking the plunge without being forewarned. Take a read of the profile before going ahead.

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