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like i have said before if ur going to make a larger tank get rid of ur fish and get a few fw stingrays. and if ur makeing the tank big enough id get some cool motoro! they are calm cool kinda expensive fish. u will injoy the rays if u get them trust me.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male malta
little confused by that tank build. shows no frame work at all to hold the glass together. tell me the only thing preventing a wet rug is a thin layer of silicone.
All my tanks are built that way & "touch wood" I don't have any problems.

Thanks for the valuable information! Would you mind telling me (or asking your friend for me) how exactly he built your tank? how big is your tank and how long has it been set up? how has it withstood the fish and stress of maintaining such an environment? how do you filter/light it? sorry for the bombarding of questions!
I have various tank sizes. 30L, 50L, 80L & 120L. Just make sure that you have the right glass thickness. The small tanks are box/sponge filtered & the others are with Internal/external cannister filters. You can see pictures of my fish room here -
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Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
From reading the last few posts by the poster of this thread..Im thinking that you really should have had your setup ready and stable BEFORE any discus went in what ever tank you have..
- trying so hard to find tank mates...let your Discus settle in for a while, seems you dont even know thier swimming routines yet, feeding they act towards one another, new fish should NOT be added right now.
- thermomater dont work??!! ... heating pad on the side of tank??!!.. wont say anymore..
- do you own any test kits.. a must for discus keeping
- gone for 2 days??!! who feed the fish 3-4 times that day..??!!
- your looking to treat a Discus tank with meds??..
-cat changed the heating dail on the pad..??!!
this is MOST definatly not even close to a Discus tank set up..
my advise take the discus back to the store..

I understand, I didnt buy them from a store I bought them from a hobbyist moving out of the nation. He was out of luck and was close to losing his discus. I was able to collect on his misfortune. Now I know I need to get a bigger tank made and settled in as well as a proper heater, testing kit, and etc. I am a little ofended that you simply did not read the related thread mentioned and would attack me so personally. I do nmderstand that there are obvious mistakes that cannot be repeated, but at the current moment I have no other choice. I am taking the best care I can of them and planning on a larger tank for them. If you had actually read all of the posts you would know that. If the tank they are in will not suffice then they will soon have a bigger and better tank. The fish are doing fine. they have plenty of small fish fry and blood worms lying around the tank to feed throughout the day but it seems they prefer to swim about for a while and then resume hiding. they don't seem to consume much food but I am sure that they are eating something as they are not emaciating. I took directions for their feeding regimen from the man i bought them from. he said he buts in 1 blood worm cube in the morning and one in the evening. this feeds both of them. i also feed them some tetra tropical pellets and the other fish get flakes and sinking pellets. and ripping the fish out of the aquarium and taking them back to a store would be worse than keeping them. all the stores i have seen discus in have poor aeration as well as small tanks with numerous fish in them... I feel like i did them a favor from having the man send them to a store.

I have various tank sizes. 30L, 50L, 80L & 120L. Just make sure that you have the right glass thickness. The small tanks are box/sponge filtered & the others are with Internal/external cannister filters. You can see pictures of my fish room here -

thanks, I think i will first make them a small 60 gallon tank that will be sponger filtered (they don't like huge current apparently) then if I happen to acquire more then I will up them to a larger 100gallon or larger tank. as for now they seem quite content in their 29gallon tank although i do need to soon get them a larger home.


\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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