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Small Fry
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male usa
I have two yellow lab cichlids and to my surprise one day after work I see that ther is one fry swimming in the live rock in the tank.( first set of breeding fish). The female is still mouth brooding a couple of fry right now. Do I need to move the mother and fry into another tank?and is she not letting the other ones go because of the other bigger fish?

Thanks in advance you guys always give wonderful advice
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
I haven't had yellow labs, but I did have my kribs breed for me, so going on that, just let mom do her job for now. She'll push them away once they're big enough. Even then she'll protect them for a bit against the larger fish.

Make sure there are enough hiding spots but try not to mess around too much where she's got the fry right now, that's her spot. As they get older each will need their own spots if they're going to breed as well, or sell them to your LFS.


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