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SubscribeCurved glass 5footer complete setup, fish, plants, everything. Cranbourne Australia
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male australia
It is with deep regret that due to back problems I am no longer able to maintain my tank. So the whole caboodle is up for sale. I thought Id put it up for grabs here first .
This is an established and stable aquarium. I have successfully bread various species in this tank including bristlenose, angels, kribs, cherry shrimp. Its an excellent size with brilliant viewing angles.

Tank details: Approx 6years old, W280xL1520xH660 on700mm tall black cabinet. Curved glass, no leaks, minimal scratches, excellent condition, reconditioned 3 individually controlled lights(fluro ballasts and fittings about a year ago. Note:tubes are due for replacing) JBL external filter reconditioned about a year ago, new taps seals etc, Twin under gravel filters, air pump with numerous valves, stones and tubing, heater. Four door cabinet stand to house all the gear, accessories, pumps etc. (photo contents included)

Unknown numbers ~5 of Java and Kuli loachs, ~4 Corydoras various , ~4 Bristlenose various , Siamese algae eater, ~5 Black Heart Tetras, Lancer catfish large ~200mm, Synodontis eupterus large ~200mm,
Plant life galore including, heaps of Java ferns, water sprite, anubias , on some magnificent driftwood and sand rock.

Accessories and odds:
Too numerous to mention. Conditioners, fertilsers, Some medicines, PH meter and various chemical tester kits, magnetic cleaner, Light timer, various nets, pipe cleaners. Various water ornaments. Various foods, wafers, tetra bits, blackworms, shrimp pellets.

I have moved this tank as a stable entity once before by removing all the rocks and driftwood/plants into a big bin. Draining two garbage bins full of water( I have two you can have) to kick start it back up on arrival, emptying the rest and removing the fish(easily now with low water and no ornaments/plants etc) into a bucket or bags. You will need a decent ute to move the tank and some help lifting. The tank separates from the cabinet.

All up $2000
Pm for details.
Photos here.

My 5footer
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