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SubscribeSelling Full SW Setup in NJ
Small Fry
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Registered: 02-Apr-2007
Well I am looking to get rid of my big tank. Just not enough time to give it the attention in need so I am looking for a responsible buyer willing to purchase my entire system. Tank has been established for 6 years now and here is everything included and the details….

72 Gallon Bow front all glass tank with hood, light and oak stand with 2 doors.
1.5 Inch sand bed.
Approximately 90 – 100 pounds of live rock (in tank for 6 years)
2 Power heads
Emperor Heater
Read Sea Prizm protein skimmer (1 month old)
Anmiracle Wet Dry filter with pre skimmer box
Submersible pump
Coral life 9 watt UV sterilizer (1 month old)

1 - Blue Unicorn Naso tang
1 – Yellow Tang
1 – Purple Tang
1 – Bi Color Angel
1 – Coral Beauty
1 – Black Spotted Wrasse
1 – Maroon Clown
2 – Black and White Damsels
2 – Yellow Tailed Damsels
1 – Purple Wrasse
1 – Pencil Urchin (Had since beginning of tank)
1 – Chocolate Chip Starfish
Plus good amount of turbo snails

Plus extras: Any food I have on hand, salt water test kit (coral life) and medicines and vitamins or supplements I have on hand, 5 gallon buck of sea salt (about ¼ full), magnetic scraper, hand scraper, nets, hydrometer.

I live in Central / Southern New Jersey (Burlington County) and will assist with loading the tank up and helping you package everything up. It is recommended you acquire some large Rubbermaid containers one for the live rock and one for keeping some of the water.

I do have experience with moving a tank since I moved about 4 years ago and brought the tank with me. I found it helpful to keep half of the water and I covered the live rock with wet newspaper during the move. We will need at least 4 people to move the tank even though water will be drained out the wet sand in the bottom with a bout an inch of water makes for a heavy lift (trust me I know from experience but 4 of us were able to accomplish this during my move)

Well over $2,000 invested in the system and I will accept any reasonable offer.

I also have some photos if you would like to view. Disregard the photos of the Lion Fish in the tank as I had to give him away because he got too big. Photos are at:

Email me with any question or offers directly at I am offering at a few forums that I belong to firs before taking it to ebay
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