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SubscribeWashington DC area sale: tanks, stands, filters, lights, books
Small Fry
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Registered: 02-Jul-2009
EditedEdited 06-Aug-2009 20:11
I live in Fairfax County about 30 minutes from DC. I have the following items for sale:

40 gallon breeder stand, Big Al's Stingray brand, black color, fully assembled and in good used condition. $95
40 gallon breeder tank. Used, in acceptable condition. Some scratches, and water marks will be removed to the best of my ability. $60
Or, tank and stand for $135
55 gallon stand, black color. Solid construction, some water marks. $90
55 gallon tank. Very old, but proven watertight over 5 years of use. The seams have little silicone left, although this does not seem to be a problem. A fair amount of encrusting algae on the glass. $40
Or, tank and stand for $110
Acrylic tank, approximately 35 gallons. It seems to be a non-standard size. 35.5"Lx14.5"Wx16"H Some scratches. $100
Homemade stand for acrylic tank, black color. It has been used for 5 years continuously with no weight holding problems. It has some water damage on a support, but I have not observed any structural problems from this. $60
Or both together for $150
10 gallon tank, $5
36" single tube fluorescent strip light, All Glass brand, full metal reflector built into hood. $35
Aquaculture brand airpumps, three total. $5 each
Aquaclear 70 power filters, three total. $10 each
50 foot Python water changer, no stop valve, cracked gravel tube, with brass faucet adapter. $25
Quiet One 4000HH pump, never used. Tested in a bathtub, but never used on a tank. Some of the threads on the intake valve are missing, but enough remain that I can firmly screw on an adapter valve. The pump comes with an elbow adapter and ball valve. $70


Reef Invertebrates, by Anthony Calfo and Bob Fenner. Good condition, paperback, some wear on corners. $30

Jurassic Fishes, by Haruto Kodero. Good condition, hardcover. $40

All three Nature Aquarium World books. Very good condition, all hardcover. Book 1: $50. Book 2: $85. Book 3: $70

If you are interested, please contact me at

Happy fishkeeping!
Andrew Christman
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Small Fry
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male uk
Do you deliver?

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Small Fry
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Registered: 02-Jul-2009
All three Aquaclear filters sold.
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