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Subscribeheaters, SW test kit and auto feeder. Santa Barbara, CA
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I've inherited these brand new heaters, a SW test kit and a great auto feeder (i have one on my tank at home). None of them are old models (six months max) so take advantage of it while you can.

The heaters are Marineland Stealth heaters (all Black and easy to hide in the back of the tank). They are rated up to 30 gallons. I have one in my 29g at home and its great. I have two of these unopened and for sale.

The Salt Water Master Kit is made by API unopened and great for anyone who needs a new kit or wants to try out SW (I bought this one a whil ago actually in hopes of getting a nano SW tank going but that never happened).

The Auto feeder is made by Eheim. It has a digital display with i believe up to 4 programmable feeds a day as well as a button to press if you just want to see your critters eat when you get home. It has a little fan to keep the food dry and an adjustable opening to moderate the amount of food delivered. The one I use I toss in a mixture of flakes, small pellets, and some broken up algae discs.

They dont have a set price and I don't really want to ship them unless I have to. So PM me or make an offer and we can meet in Montecito or Santa Barbara.


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