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Big Fish
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male usa
has anyone breed the glo fish
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Mega Fish
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glo fish are a genetically engineered danio. as far as i know they are infertile or if they breed the offspring are not as colorful by an means.

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The girl's got crabs!
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Yeah, people have. I believe that it is a bit easier to breed glofish to standard but I think I recall that there was an article a few years back in TFH that someone had bred them and that they coloured up like the adults. 50% ones coloured up less so.

They are a bit of a funny one though as they are a proprietary 'product'. I'm not sure where all of that stands now with the Asian fish farms churning out glofish at the rate of knots, but it was a bit iffy to be breeding and selling them at one point.

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