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SubscribeGold Barb - An aggressive one in the school
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I have a query about gold barbs. As couple of days ago I purchases 6 Gold Barbs. They have all been happy and chilled in the tank (no other fish yet), until today.

I noticed one of them has a swollen red rectum, which I put down to an internal bacterial infection. So off I went to buy some medicine. However, now that I'm back I see that one of the gold barbs is constantly nipping at the rectum of all the other barbs. What I don't know is if this barbs is nipping because of something related to the infection, or the redness was actually caused by the fish nipping. He seems to be attacking ALL the barbs, even those without signs of problems.

Have I bought an aggressive barb? Or is this some sort of natural behaviour (although I don't like the idea of the pain being caused to the other barbs)

What can I do, other than return him to the LFS?

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Mega Fish
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they could have parasitical worms and he is nipping at the heads of the worms dangling out, but one of my gold barbs is constantly chasing the others. i consider it natural behavior because none have died and none are sick... just an agressive behavior amongst themselves... not agressive with the danios, corries or the betta in there...

\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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i have a similar problem with my clown barb, but she attacks fish of different species as well. In fact, shes managed to kill off 3 of my boesmani rainbows and another clown barb, and does this by nipping at the fish's anus.
I would also have to think that it is a natural behavior, as she doesnt seem to have any reason to nip at a fish's anus, of all things.
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