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I bought these guys a few weeks ago for my kitchen tank. A friend of mine called in a flap saying that he'd spotted them so I got the LFS to hold them for a day until I came to collect. They are not a common thing at all here, I've never seen them.

They are MUCH smaller than I expected and are virtually impossible to see against the tank substrate. To give you an idea, the substrate is river sand and that java fern is about 8cm tall. I'm not changing the substrate until they are nice and settled though, as they look a little weedy from their whole pet shop ordeal still. Hopefully they'll colour up a bit before then so it'll become unnecessary.

Has anyone kept these? How did you find them?

I have them in a lightly planted tank and am feeding them BBS and adult BS as I'm not sure what size they are able to take. They seem wholly unfussed about dried/prepared foods but are eating the frozen fine I am a little concerned that two look a bit parasitey, but the rest seem fine so I'm waiting a bit longer in case it is just a pecking order issue as I don't really want to worm them. The gills are showing very red in the photos but they aren't so bad IRL. Water is fine and respiration seems normal. I think they might just be particularly transparent. I'm keeping an eye on it in case it turns out to be something else.

I think they are Boraras maculatus, if anyone was curious.

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I haven't actually kept any, but they turn up in California fish stores moderately often, where they seem to hold up pretty well (provided there's nothing else in there big enough to eat them). They are indeed the Spotted Rasbora (formerly known as "Rasbora maculata" -- and, when yours are in proper health, they should indeed color up somewhat more.
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They're lovely little ones .

Love to see some more pics if they decide to color up a bit more!


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