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Randomly after switching some deco from my larger tank over the holidays I noticed some free swimming fry a week or so later.

Only about a week or so ago was I allowed to really know which fish had spawned (out of the 4 species I had in the tank).

Now about 5 weeks later I have a much larger shoal than I started with... my 2 ZD's managed to produce close to thirty fry and about 20 have survived to this point. The fry are close to an inch now.

My main question is what should I do to help them grow faster and stop being as picked on by their parents now that they are past the size of being eaten? I also plan on thinning the shoal (potentially trading for genetic variation from an LFS or something.

Also, I enjoyed the spontaneous spawning and fry rearing and was wondering how to get it to happen again?


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