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Subscribe50 Gallon Brackish
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female usa
I would like to start a 50 gallon brackish tank.

I need a stocking list,info and $$$ ranges to help me along.


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This site sums up the basics pretty well:

There are some brackish goby species listed here:
and puffers:

Different fish survive different salinities and some need increasing salinity as they grow so I'd suggest doing a web search on what species you like, or asking on the forum, to get more resources on their care before trying to keep them. I do suggest a hydrometer even though that site says you don't need one. You can get the salinity really off if you don't check it and a hydrometer is only about $10. Brackish fish aren't too picky about their salinity staying exactly the same but you don't want it to change too much or get too far off from what your target salinity is.
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