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SubscribeFood for Bumblebee Gobies
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Ok so I finally got some Bumblebee Gobies....they are doing well in their home and I have actually gotten them to eat frozen blood worms. I just bought a cheap little brine shrimp hatchery so I could feed them some live food and I haven't had much success with them yet. First off, I have only noticed very few brine shrimp eggs hatching (judging by the amount that are swimming up to the light in the clear container on top) and it has been well over the 18-40 hr. waiting period. Secondly, due to my lack of thinking, I didn't realize how small they'd actually be..THERE TINY!!!!So with that said these are my questions:

After the eggs hatch, can I put them in a small 1/2 gallon habitat that I have to "plump" them up a little?

Is this something that i'd have to take care of like a tank or are they pretty much going to take care of themselves until i'm ready to use them?

How long will it take for the brine shrimp to become a bit bigger in size so that the Gobies can see them?

Should I even bother? I'd kind of like to feed all my fish some live foods, but is it really worth it?

I'm sure i've got a couple more questions about this, but at the present time i'm having a brain fart As far as my first encounter with brackish, it's going very well. Maybe someday i'll make the leap to Marine.....someday

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From what I hear, brine shrimp aren't worth the effort. You've been looking at brine shrimp nauplii, or their larval stage, which are indeed very tiny. They are often used as fry food! They are very good fry food not only because they are tiny, but because for the first day they have not yet absorbed their healthy little yolk sac yet. This really matters not to you, though.

However, actually getting around and raising brine shrimp is, so I hear, considerably more difficult. Not only that, after the first day or so, the brine shrimp are no longer even very nutritious anyway. You can plump them up all you want, but it's probably not worth the effort.

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian.
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He's right; brine shrimp adults are, as ghost shrimp, merely swimming shells containing little nutrients. Other than that, the world of live foods is yours; brachygobes will eat anything that moves and is large enough to fit in their mouths. Some suggest adding livebearers to bbg tanks for extra food.
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not to bug you but down here they sell this pink liquid full of nutrients that the brine actually absorbs that makes them nutritious (supposedly some people swear by it) I can give you the name when i find it.

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