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Big Fish
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female usa
At my petsmart, I saw knight gobies in with platys and mollies! I asked the man, "Aren't they brackish water?" and he said, "Yes, but they're adapted to fresh" ... could they really live healthily that way?
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Big Fish
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female usa
Any BW fish can be forced into fresh (or FW fish-BW, or SW-BW), but its immune system will be compromised, if kept in FW long-term, causing diseases & early death.
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male usa
That was the way my violet goby was sold to me, and one LFS i saw was selling BBG's in FW, said> " people don't look at BW as much as FW, so they put them in FW".-LFS gotta make money
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brachish I have one and it does fine in brackish use to have it in fresh and it got a disease so I looked on sites saw that it was bw so I moved it to my brackish tank and it recocered perfectly
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