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SubscribeNewbie setting up a brackish tank
Small Fry
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male canada
I've been in the freshwater scene for several years now, but I took a break 2 years ago after moving. Last month I've moved again on a more permanent basis and I want to set up my 32gal tank as brackish and get a few green spotted puffers. However, I can't seem to find any good resources on what I need to get and do. Any advice or links would be helpful.
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Fish Addict
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male usa
Hmm... where to start

Substrate: I like aragonite sand, crushed coral works also. If it helps buffer the water it can be used.

Water: Salinity varys from species to species and even with the age of certain species. But for the most part I like to keep mine between 1.005 and 1.010. Ph about 8 KH and GH are generally kept in line as long as you use a good salt mix (about 8-10 for both works). Also varying the specific gravity from time to time is good pratice.

Filteration: Stay away from hang on the back models that splash alot canisters are a bit more flexable, I like sumps but thats just me. Current varys from species to species again.

Setup procedure:

1. rinse sand well(a tub works best, the old fill and stir method)

2. put sand in tank, fill half way, arrange rock work, ornanments etc, and fill completely.

3. hook up your filter, dechlorinate, and add salt until desired specific gravity is reached

4. sit back and let it clear up

5. start cycle with a pinch of fish food or put in some mollies.

I will gather up some links for you is there anything specific species wise that you want to know.

here is a list of puffer species for you for now:
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Big E
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GSPs need about 30 gallons each...they're big fish when fully grown creating a messy bioload and are harmfully effected by less than ideal water parameters.

You could do two figure 8s in a tank that size, though. Also, the SG for GSPs starts out in the low range and increase to high BW low SW levels (1.018 to 1.020ish) when they're full grown. In contrast, Figure 8s stay 1.004 to 1.008ish their whole life. Check out the articles in the library over at for very good articles on both GSPs and Figure 8s.

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Big Fish
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I have two brackish water tanks. I have found that if you setup your tank as freshwater and let it cycle and then add your total stock list because they all come aclimated to freshwater. The during water changes slowly raise the salinity to were you want it.I recomend if you gouing to get a puffer to get a flounder because they will eat the food that drops to the bottom of the tank.
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Fish Addict
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male usa
i'm actually doing that same setup. cept mine is a 55g tank. but can i use the same gravel that is in my tank as a fw once i start moving it to brackish?

Fish tanks are an expensive addiction
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