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Small Fry
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female canada
We recently had these fish dropped off at our pet store. They are simply adorable. Right now we have them in brackish water (20 tbsp aquarium salt in 20 gallons of water) and they seem to be doing ok. Each fish is about 6 inches long and we were told they are 3 years old.
Does anyone know what kind of puffers these are? They don't look like the small figure eights I've seen before, but they also don't look like the pictures of the green spotted puffers I've seen either. We just want to take care of them properly!
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link to picture -
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male usa us-delaware
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My guess is the top one is a green-spotted puffer, but I'm not 100% sure.

The bottom one is a different species, but I'm not sure what it could be...

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male uk
Yes. The bottom one appears to be a rather large figure 8, Tetraodon biocellattus, if you look closely yo can indeed see the two ocellatus.
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