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Subscribeknight gobies
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Anyone with experience keeping knight gobies? I have lots of questions

-Can they be kept alone or do they need friends?
-Are they compatable with other fish?
-Appropriate tank size?
-Dietary requirements?


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female usa
I had them in my community tank for a little while and they were awesome. It turned out that they needed bracksih water so i gave them away to a friend. But while i had them i love them! They have such personalities! I had two and they seemed to get along. They loved when i fed them dried shrimp and bloodworms.
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male usa
They can actually grow quite large--up to 4". This being said, they are peaceful, but very preadatory fish. Small species such as guppies are at risk of being eaten. Per usual for gobioids, they like live, squirming food.
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Ive found that they arnt that bad mine isnt agressive at all and eats bloodworms and flakes wont even eat a feeder guppy I have it with some livebearers and they live happily together. though I did see it wrestle down a cricket yesterday which was awesome to see but they are pretty peaceful. they can be kept alone though I had a friend with him but he got a fungus and sadly died. minimum tank size would be a 29.
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