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Subscribeneed help with brachish tank/fish
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i have 6 brachish puffer fish, and one algae eater, i folowed the pet shop guys instructions to the dot, and my watter turned all cloudy after one day, and one of my fish just died, the pet guys instructions were to put some of this powder Ph raiser in the water, then add some conditioner, then some aquarium salt. just to let you know i used the bio spiro solution to get the tank started, it is a 10 gallon tank and i have a side filter on it not a undergravel filter.
if you could tell me how to make the watter not cloudy anymore i will do anything.

right now the Ph is 7.7
and the temp is 78 - 75
thank you
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Big Fish
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Please go here, and fast!

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Nothing will clear up that tank, as it is overstocked & not cycled. You should return those fish & properly cycle a tank large enough to support them. You can keep only 1 of those puffers in a 10g & that's only until it is 2". Then it will need a 30g tank, since it will grow to 6". Puffers are not to be kept by novice fishkeepers. The link Kim gave you has excellent info in their Library about this fish & also on cycling your tank.
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