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Subscribepossible brackish setup?
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This will probably be a 20g tank. I've come up with some ideas/options, looking for input regarding these fish and compatability, or other small fish options.

-[link=Orange chromide]" style="COLOR: #FF66FF[/link] I was thinking about having one as a centerpiece along with a group of one of the following fish:

-[link=Heterandria formosa]" style="COLOR: #FF66FF[/link] I know fry would get eaten but that isn't an issue for me.

-[link=Celebes rainbowfish]" style="COLOR: #FF66FF[/link]

-[link=Diamond killie]" style="COLOR: #FF66FF[/link]

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ahh orange chromide is a faovrite of mine I own 3 they like to company. they are hard to find atleast for me and they lady didnt know what she was doing so she sold me them as danios for 1 us $ mine dont except flakes at all only frozen food and freeze dried bloodworms they are no agressive at all mine gets beat up by a platy and a swordtail and doesnt fight back

Heterandria formosa-probably fine males get under an inch at maturity and females just a little larger. this is a freindly livebearer. the parents dont guard the young.very hardy fish

Celebes rainbowfish-can tolerate salt but I found out that freshwater is better. it gets to be 2.5 to 3 inches. I use to have 5 and Id recomend that much in a group maybe 3 but these arnt agressive I think they are a thimbs up to

Diamond killie-prefers sand but other then that go for it they all seem compatible

hope I helped good luck
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