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Big Fish
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female australia au-queensland
I did a search on forum on bichir and the last post was years ago.
Does anyone else keep a bichir or two?

I have what I think an albino senegal female bichir I named Falkor after the luckdragon in the movie Never ending story.
With most all my other tanks having plecos, Falkor is my little indulgence and has a 4ft tank practically all to herself apart from a couple of dwarf loaches and some guppies which she sometimes snacks on.

I have had her since she was 10cm and she's almost full size in length now of 25cm. She'll probably grow wider now if thats possible as she's pretty fat.

She likes to eat 4 Viformo tabs a night. Occasionally I break up a couple of Massivore tabs or carnivor tabs as a treat.
She thinks livefood is icky and nearly took out the back of the tank in fright when I put a live earth worm to eat in there once.

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Wow she's a bit of a poser in that last photo!

Hilarious that she got scared of the worm. Never kept them myself, haven't really had the tank space to devote to one.


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