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kj fishy-finn
Big Fish
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female usa
I should have done this a few years ago, but I'm going to empty my tank until a better time when I can have it set up in the same house as me and be able to care for it better. The only problem is that I'm not quite sure how to go about this.

Clearly I will have to siphon all the water out, clean the glass and filter. I would like to save my gravel so I'm assuming that I will have to lay it all out somehow to get it to dry, right?

Then when I go to set it back up, it should be fine just to refill etc and start it up like I would a new tank, right? The tank sealant should be fine if it dries off after being wet for almost 10 years? The filter, lights and heater should all be good to go also?

I would like to do this in the next 2 days so any replies are greatly appreciated!

kj fishy-finn <*)))><
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Mega Fish
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male usa
Your plan of attack sounds good. There is no telling how the sealant will do. Ive used old tanks before without any problems. Like any new tank, when u set it back up u just want to make sure it doesnt leak first.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
What gourami said, when you set up again just check the tank isn't leaking before cycling and stocking. When we repaired one of ours I put a mark of tape at the water level and we checked it again the next morning.

Also when you reset up I'd suggest rinsing the gravel again (just like new) even when it's packed away it tends to need a rinse off, and it'll be better to rinse down the drain then into the filter.

Sorry you have to pack up your tank Hope you're able to set up again soon!


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male usa
It sucks that you have to sideline one of your tanks As the two other replies said, make sure the seal has not weakened by filling it up and leaving it overnight (also make sure to do this outside as you dont want a puddle of water under your tank in the morning if it does leak) Other than that the only other thing to do is to start planning on what to do with the tank after you do set it up again Make sure to include cories
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