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SubscribeHow on earth can I get rid of all these snails?
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I've got MTS, small pond snails, and ramshorn snails. But I dont have an overabundance of any of them but I dont overfeed.

I like the snails, they stir the substrate like mentioned, and are good at keeping the plants algea free.. they can in those small places, and on the fine leafed plants... So mine pretty much live off the little algea that grows...None have eaten any plants, plant mulm yes, but not the living plants.

But I have noticed that when I do feed the plec's cucumber or zuchini- they swarm it- so I think that would be a good way to get rid of them if they arent wanted in the tank.
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Fish Addict
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I've had a couple "snail blooms." I completely cleaned my 10g out and started over because I simply couldn't keep up with them. Now, I hand pick them and sometimes use algae wafers to collect them. I don't mind a few but being overrun is no fun. I tried the loaches and couldn't keep them alive long enough for them to have an impact on the snails. That bummed me out, becasue the Kuhli loaches and the clowny were so neat to watch. I think my 8.2 pH is just too high for them.

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