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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Anyone else recently done a MMFO? or have one planned?

Had another nightmare about my fishtanks going dead last night so figured it was time to start devoting myself to the tanks more...they've done ok being left alone but the java fern is turning tankbuster in one and another tank you're lucky to see the fish for the algae.

Time for some elbow grease, cotton thread and lots of spare driftwood.

Pics to come


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Fish Addict
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every now and then yes. I dont know if it qualifies as it but.......doing a 50% water change or more, trimming plants, cleaning filters and scraping algae on the same day, then yes! life gets in the way sometimes, leaves no choice. My fish never seem to mind the few times a year i have to do this. Of course my youngest tank is 6 years old and well established. Some sensitive plants are not so forgiving though.
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male usa
I had a nightmare that my pygmy corys multiplied and formed a cory militia who sole purpose was the destruction of my cat Sprinkles (he fell into their tank once and broke their favorite plants) Should I be worried?
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