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Small Fry
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We are planning to move from Indianapolis to Las Vegas. I have 11 tanks of various sizes and configurations I plan to take with us. I have fish in 8 of these tanks and I would like to take them if I could do it safely. Moving the tanks won't be a problem since we have friends who move machinery,heavy equipment,valuable collections and antiques from estate sales. The main issue is I may have to go before the rest of the family to help set up the new shop and probably would not be involved in any of the move at all. Can I move the fish safely? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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We've moved our fish a lot over the past 4 years. Nothing as long distance as what you're planning however. In one case they had to be left in transport containers for 2 days until the power was turned on at the new place.

I'd say first decide which fish you're really attached to and want to move. If there are some you'd be willing to sell to a LFS you might reduce the hassle.

At our local fish auction a few moths ago we saw these breathable bags make an appearance on australian shores. They sell for 80 cents each here, I'm sure they'd be cheaper in the good old USA. I'm sure they'd make the move a LOT easier.

If you don't have styro boxes or coolers for the fish, check with some restaurants or small grocers in your area. Frequently they get shipments in styro boxes which the might let you have if they'd otherwise be headed to the landfill. Even your LFS might have some they'd be willing to let you have. Otherwise large cardboard box filled with old styro noodles, or even newspaper can help maintain temperature. Make sure whatever vehicle the fish are transported in maintains a steady temperature, even if the temp is slightly below their normal tank temp. Fluctuating temps can be bad worse than a slightly lower temperature.

If you're not going to be involved, make sure you leave detailed instructions on bagging netting ect for the family. Make sure the fish aren't fed the day before transport. Excess waste in their system just ends up in the bags during the trip.

Also don't forget to treat your filter material just like the fish. Give it a rinse in used tank water a few weeks before the trip, but let the good stuff grow back before transport. Have filter material in a bucket with just enough water over it to keep material wet (but not slosh over the sides). Movement while driving will hopefully keep the bacteria alive. Dose with some Cycle once you set up the tanks just to give the bacteria an edge.

Keeping any decor, plants, rocks, gravel ect in a bit of water like the filter media may help keep the bacteria alive as well.

Also, water will be different between the two places, make sure you give the fish a good long acclimatization period. Use drip method if you can.

That's all I can think of for now . Good luck!


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