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SubscribeSeverum's in a community
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Registered: 25-Feb-2007
Hi, I am in the process of upgrading on tank size and am wondering how a Severum would fit into the mix I have curently

I would like to make the 90g stocking eventually

2/3 Angel fish
3 Silver hatchets
3 Marbled hatchets
3 Myer's hatchets
5 Spotted headstanders
4 Bosmani rainbows
5 Neon Rainbows
6 Botia histronica
1 Syno eupterus

Do you think that one would be suited to this set up? I would rather keep one rather than a pair but a pair would be good as well. Also what do you think about this stocking for the 90g with or without the Severum. I run a Rena XP3 and an internal UV steriliser as well.
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General Hague
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male usa
I got a huge green severum in a 90 gallon with smaller fish. I think it should do fine.
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Ultimate Fish Guru
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female canada
I would think it would be fine to have
a Severum with those fish with little to
no issues. Occassionally you will get an odd
very aggressive territorial severum, but for the
most part, many that I see are kept life long
in community tanks with no issues of aggression

Come Play Yahtzee With Me!
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DeletedPosted 21-Jan-2008 19:00
This post has been deleted
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Registered: 25-Feb-2007
Fantastic! One of my LFS has some redspot gold in at the moment I will see if they will hold one for a few weeks while I get my tank set up

Thanks guys
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