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SubscribeStocking a 55G
Cichlid Kid
Fish Addict
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male usa
hi, i was wondering about stocking a 55G community freshwater.
i currently have 4 Silver dollars, a male betta, and 7 peppered corys. i was thinking of adding a large school of neons and one to two female mollies or guppies to produce fry for the betta to hunt. i was also thinking maybe one more predatory fish( that will feed on only the fry/ not be able to catch my other fish in the tank. i was thinking gourami?) i have thoughts but just dont know what to put in or how many fish can be put in as ive only really kept oscars and bettas in the past.
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Small Fry
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male usa us-florida
Silver dollars need at least a 100 gallon tank and the betta will probaly kill the tetras and live bearers but u could get about 20-40 shrimp and some barbs, coolie loaches, more cories and some other bottom fish and a gourami.
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