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SubscribeStriped Raphael Catfish - to get or not to get
Fish Addict
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female india
Heya All,

I am back after several, several years. My husband decided he had to have a fish tank, so we now have a 250L tank with African cichlids of various kinds. All fish were inherited with the tank from the previous owner, so I feel like I would like to add just 1 fish of my own.

I wanted to get a striped raphael catfish, so what do you guys think, yes or no? And will it eat all the eggs from the spawning fish?

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Small Fry
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Some purist would frown at the idea of putting a SA catfish in a tank with African Cichlids. Personally I would opt for a syno of some type. My fav. is the Featherfin Syno. But to answer your question, the Raphael will do ok in the tank as long as he is big enough to hold his/her own and the pH does not go much above 8. Since Africans are mainly mouth brooders, they wont get the eggs, but they will take care of most if not all of the fry.
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