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Small Fry
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female usa
Hey I've got a sick blue Betta Splendor. He has grey coloring on the front of his face (which I'm pretty sure is a fungal infection of some kind) and Fin rot. I think it's just fin rot because he had tail rot before but it's healing. but for some reason the fins aren't healing as fast as they should. I'm not sure what to do about the fungal infection on his head. For some reason he twitches too. it's weird. anyway. any advice? I've already got Marycyn(?)2 for the tail/fin rot and I think it takes care of fungal infections too. but I'm not exactly sure. So any help would be awesome.
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Mega Fish
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female usa
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With the fin rot and grey area that you don't describe as fluzzy or fluffy, it sounds more like Columnaris, which is a bacterial infection. Here's an article with very detailed information on Columnaris, and a photo that compares it with a fungal Saprolegnia infection.

The author says that Maracyn 2 may be effective against Columnaris, but that the first and most likely most effective option would be putting your betta in a metylene blue bath.

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Small Fry
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male usa us-colorado
Hey nesposeidon, what superlion said is spot on. what are your water condition's? and if you choose to do a Methylene Blue bath try to get a bubbler stone since Methylene Blue bath can limit the o2 in the tank. And after he gets better add a stress coat to the tank when you do a water change that contains aloe vera to promote healing and regeneration for your fish.
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DeletedPosted 03-Nov-2014 20:24
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