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Subscribefish feeding
Small Fry
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female canada
Its been a very long time since I\'ve had any aquariums set up. I have also never really had fish that are quite so large before. So I am wondering is it normal for larger fish to beg for food?

I have 2 plecos and an angelfish. These I took in from someone who was offering a free tank on a classifieds site. I went to go get the tank and when I got there surprise there are fish and I was expected to take them too.

I don\'t mind I have been wanting to set up an aquarium again but these fish are just weird.

They follow me around and will stick their heads out of the water anytime they see me in anticipation of food if I give them some they eat like crazy. They seem to be starving constantly. I am concerned about over feeding them currently I give them small amounts of food 3-4 times a day and they eat it all. I have sinking pleco pellets as well the plecos eat those but still skim the surface of the water for the flake food. Is this normal?

The plecos are about 12 inches for one of them and the other is about 9 inches and the angelfish is about 6-7 inches
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The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
well, the general rule of thumb on feeding is "no more than the fish can eat within two minutes" which is usually what is printed on the can/box. but certainly you should be watching to see how much they eat when you feed them and try giving slightly more until you see they're eating most of what you give them before it sinks to the bottom. it's somewhat normal for fish who are used to humans to do the "feed me" dance -- look at the fish at your LFS if you stand in front of their tank for a bit.

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