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male usa
It's been a while since I've posted an update. The tank has been up for over a year now and going good.

System: dual 55 tanks on a double stand, mag 12 return pump with cpr overflow, korralia 4, terminator II protein skimmer with mag 9 recirculating pump, 2 250w metal halides with hamilton 14k's, typhoon 3 ro/di filter, instant ocean salt, ~100 pounds LR.

Livestock: mated pair GS Maroon clowns, 3 bartlett's anthias, 1 pink spotted shrimp goby, 1 pistol shrimp, 1 golden and 1 regular coral banded shrimp.

Coral: 1 green BTA, xenia frag, a couple mushrooms, and some zooanthids.

I will most likely go with some more corals when I get the extra cash and find what interests me. I currently don't dose anything and have thought about turning a seaclone 150 into some type of reactor. I think I'm done with adding fish and inverts except maybe a little more to the clean up crew. Any advice with the green BTA is appreciated as I just got it and it's pretty small, one of someones splits.

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Tenellus Obsessor
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Sounds like a nice setup ready for more corals!

For the BTA I'd recommend strong lighting (which you have) and feed it every week with some krill or other meaty food.

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male usa
Sounds cool, if you have any pictures you should post them!
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