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Since everyone is always looking for suggestions of things to put in their saltwater tanks that are within the 20-30 gallon range, I figure I'll just write up a quick list of some of my personal favorites for easy access. It's nice to move away from damsels too, dont you think?

I'd like to note beforehand that this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. Also, keep in mind that some fish are more readily available in certain areas than others.

So, here it goes! I'd like to note beforehand that this list would never have been possible without help from Scott W. Michaels book, The Pocket Experts Guide to Marine Fishes. And as an added note, always buy tank raised specimens when you can!!!

COOKIE CUTTERS: Stocking Nano Tanks

S. baldwini- Lantern Bass
S. tortugarum- Chalk Bass

P. aldabraensis- Neon Dottyback
P. cyanotaenia- Bluelined Dottyback
P. diadema- Diadem Dottyback
P. flavivertex- Sunrise Dottyback
P. fridmani- Orchid Dottyback
P. paccagnellae- Royal (Bicolor) Dottyback
P. porphyreus- Magenta/Purple/Strawberry Dottyback
P. sankeyi- Sankey's Dottyback
P. springeri- Springer's Dottyback
Cypho purpurescens- Oblique-lined Dottyback

G. brasiliensis- Brazilian Gramma
G. loreto- Royal Gramma

A. flavissimus- Yellow Assessor
A. macneilli- Blue Assessor

O. aurifrons- Yellowhead (Pearly) Jawfish
O. rosenblatti- Bluespotted Jawfish
O. sp.- Goldspecs Jawfish
O. whitehurstii- Dusky Jawfish

C. aprinus- Spotted (Threadfin) Hawkfish
C. falco- Falco's (Dwarf) Hawkfish
C. oxycephalus- Coral (Pixy) Hawkfish
C. fasciatus- Blood Red Hawkfish
C. polyactis- Lyretail Hawkfish
Neocirrhites armatus- Flame Hawkfish
Oxycirrhites typus- Longnose Hawkfish
Amblycirrhitus pinos- Redspotted Hawkfish

A. leptacanthus- Threadfin (Bluestreak) Cardinal
A. maculatus- Flamefish
A. compressus- Ochre-striped Cardinal
A. hartzfeldi- Hartzfeld's Cardinal
A. novemfasciatus- Ninebanded Cardinal
A. pseudomaculatus- Twospot Cardinal
A. sealei- Seale's Cardinal
S. nemoatopera- Pajama Cardinal
S. orbicularis- Polkadot Cardinal
Pterapogon kauderni- Banggai Cardinal

A. nigripesp- Maldives Clown
A. ocellaris- False Perc (Ocellaris) Clownfish
A. percula- True Perc
A. perideraion- Pink Skunk Clown (Personal Favorite!)
C. retrofasciata- Blackbar Chromis
C. scotti- Purple Chromis
C. vanderbilti- Vanderbilt's Chromis
C. viridis- Blue Green Reef Chromis
Chrysiptera [Note: Many members of this genus tend to grow aggressive with age, take caution]
C. parasema- Yellowtail Blue Damsel
C. talboti- Talbot's Damsel
C. taupou- Fiji Blue Devil
D. aruanus- Humbug (Striped) Damsel
D. melanurus- Blacktail (Striped) Damsel
D. reticulatus- Reticulate Damsel
P. auriventris- Goldbelly Damsel
P. caeruleus- Caerulean Damsel
P. coelestis- Neon Damsel
P. moluccensis- Lemon Damsel
P. pavo- Pavo (Blue) Damsel
P. vaiuli- Princess Damsel
Neopomacentrus azysron- Yellowtail Damsel

P. carpenteri- Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse
P. filamentosus- Filamented Flasher Wrasse (many variants)
P. angulatus- Lyretail/Angular Flasher Wrasse
P. lineopunctatus- Dot-and-Dash Flasher Wrasse
P. mccoskeri- McCosker's Flasher Wrasse
P. flavianalis- Yellowfin Flasher Wrasse
P. octotaenia- Eightline Flasher Wrasse
P. evandidus- Secretive Wrasse
P. hexataenia- Sixline Wrasse (Personal Favorite!!!)
P. octotaenia- Eightline Wrasse
P. tetrataenia- Fourline Wrasse

Blennies: as an added note, I left out the venomous blennies
E. bicolor- Bicolor Blenny
E. gravieri- Red Sea Mimic Blenny
E. midas- Midas Blenny
Ophioblennius atlanticus- Redlip Blenny
Parablennuis marmoreus- Seaweed Blenny
Plagiostremus rhinorhynchus- Bluestriped Fang Blenny (I have an awesome article on these guys if anyone is interested)
A. guttata- Orangespotted Shrimp Goby
A. randalli- Randall's Shrimp Goby
A. diagonalis- Diagonally-banded Shrimp Goby
A. latifasciata- Spottail (metallic) Shrimp Goby
A. periophthalma- Broadbanded Shrimp Goby
A. steinitzi- Steinitz's Shrimp Goby
A. wheeleri- Wheeler's Shrimp Goby
C. cyanotaenia- Bluebanded Shrimp Goby
C. cinctus- Yellow Watchman Goby
A. rainfordi- Rainford's Goby
A. phalaena- Brownbarred Goby
G. okinawae- Yellow Clown Goby
G. evelynae- Sharknose (Cleaner) Goby
G. oceanops- Neon Goby
Istigobius decoratus- Decorated Goby
Signigobius biocellatus- Twinspot Goby
Stonogobiops nematodes- Blackray (Highfin) Shrimp Goby (also...variant, Whiteray (Clown) Shrimp Goby)

N. decora- Purple Firefish
N. magnifica- Red Firefish
N. helfrichi- Helfrich's Firefish (Personal Favorite!!!)
P. evides- Scissortail Dartfish
P. hanae- Filamented Dartfish
P. heteroptera- Spottail Dartfish
P. microlepis- Green Dartfish
P. monoptera- Monofin Dartfish

Liopropoma rubre- Peppermint (Swissguard) Basslet
Dinematichthys riukiuensis- Yellow Brotula*

*Best left on the reef, doesn't have a good survival record in captivity

-Formerly known as the Ferretfish
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