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I have a Damsel in my tank, actually the only fish i have ever had in there. Anyways he has been acting really wierd lately and i was wondering if i should be concerned. For starters it is urgent for one reason, I have some new critters being delivered tommorow. For 1 he is like flashing the rocks quite a bit, which i have always seen him do here and there but not as much as in last couple days. I have had him in the tank for a little over 2 months and his only tank mates are 2 zebra hermits, 2 dwarf blue hermits, 1 red legged hermit, and 4 turbo snails. The only thing i have added to the tank recently was 11 pounds of live rock over a week ago. It looks like he is missing a few scales from rubbing the rocks and there is no dots or anything on his fins. There is no slimy ich type stuff on him. I have an anemone and 2 x feather dusters coming tommorow , do you think it will be ok to add them? I really have nothing else to do with them since i don't have a quarentine tank. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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By adding live rock, you may have caused a spike in ammonia. This is caused when live plants or animals die on the rock while in your tank. You may not even see it happening. The only real way to know what is going on is to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, salinity, and pH. These are the most basic tests for salt water and should be tested immediately if you feel something is not right.

In addition, what kind of anemone are you getting, and what kind of lighting do you have?

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Yeah, the ammonia in particular can irritate their skin/scales and make them flick in a similar way to ich. As matt says, do the usual water tests, if there's any ammonia/nitrite, you may want to do a water change, and in an emergency, something like Seachem Prime is really handy to have (it makes some ammonia, nitirite and nitrates (apparently) detoxified so it's not as dangerous to the tank inhabitants), but if it's going through a mini-cycle it may not be a good idea to add anything else to the tank. Post your test results here too
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