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male uk
Some Stomatopod photos for you all... Lysioquilla sp (possible new species!)

pseudoquilla ciliata when i first got him

And after a few moults he now matches his pipe home and algae ridden surroundings!

And the latest one i picked up is a female gonodactylus chiragra - boy is she aggressive. she whacks everything and this is one of only 2 species that have the realistic capability of breaking glass - she is real shy though - here is what i see of her 99% of the time!

Hope you enjoy.
I will soon produce some crab-smashing videos!
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male usa us-northcarolina
Hey, great shots there. You are really becoming the stomatopod expert Mez. I wish I had the room/$$$ for one of these guys.

Critical Fertilator: The Micromanager of Macronutrients
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