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hi all just thought id share some photos and a video i got today of my three mantis shrimps.
First is my male Raoulserenea hieroglyphica - spearer:

Next is my small male, 2 inch ish spearer that i think is either a p. cilatia or s. rugosa - tends to run around after food then stick close to rock or under its many burrows so hard to get photos of.

now the gonodactylus chiagra - the most powerfull of all clubbing mantis shrimp. a 3 inch chiagra could easily outstrike a 6 or 7 inch peacock mantis and they hit hard enough!

his arse end! see the size of his "guns" though

You can actually see him striking in one of those photos.
This is also a quick vid of the chiagra getting a live ghost shrimp - if you look carefully through my awful filming the glass shrimp gets into a crevice that the mantis cant get into so he bashes some of the rock away and pulled the shrimp through the whole. Here is one of the shrimps that met its demise.

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