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Small Fry
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I'm looking to start a Saltwater Aquarium. I have a 30 gallon aquarium right now. I've been doing research for about a week and half but want to make sure I have all my "ducks in a row" before I start to implement the system. Please correct me if I'm incorrect in any of my following descriptions. From my reading and talks with one aquatics sales person this is what I have devised.

My plan right now is to do a Fish only build with Live rock and plants.

I was going to use a canister filter at first, but I really like the idea of a sump set up. Allowing me to hide the heater, protein skimmer and make things more aesthetically pleasing, along with providing more water volume to my system. As of right now I haven't purchased anything, but I'm possibly picking up the 30 gal aquarium tonight from a seller via a craigslist ad. I'd like to go to 55 gallon, but I don't have the space right now.

I'd like to get some opinions on what I should buy. I'm planning on making a DIY sump using a 10 or 15 gallon aquarium (larger if i can, but it will depend on what fits in the stand that comes with the aquarium. The sump will have 3 sections; an intake where I will use bio-pellets to filter the water and place a small protein skimmer; then pass it to a middle refuge where I want to grow some algae and maybe some live sand to help in the elimination of nitrates. I understand I will need to provide constant source of light. The last section of the sump will return the water to the main tank. (which stage should I include the heater. I was thinking the last stage with the submersible pump.

Given that I will be pumping water up about 60 inches what type of gph should I be looking at for the pump?

I'll also have to decide whether to hang a siphon system on the back with a water skimmer or if I want to drill the glass. I'm told drilling a hole is the best option, but that is a bit intimidating.

I have well water and I keep reading not to use it, but I'm wondering if there is a way for me to use it and just cycle it for longer time before adding anything to the tank. I'm not in any rush. If i have to I'll buy water, but I'm curious if its possible to work out the imperfections with well water given time.

Lastly I'll ask what types of pumps and skimmer and heaters do you recommend. I can't really afford a top of the line skimmer. I'm hoping to spend about 40-60 on one and it needs to fit into my 10-15 gallon sump build. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
I have this one in mind, it should work well, right? -
this ones a choice as well -

That's where I'll start for now. I have more questions, but one thing at a time!

Thanks in advance for the help. These forums seem pretty friendly and helpful.
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