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Well heres another one i can add to the collection!!
I was stung today at work by a 4-5 inch antennata lion. WOW.
I have been stung and chewed on by a lot of things including stung by an emperor scorpion and bitten by a large angry pine snake.
This was a different ball game. Emperor scorpions are supposed to be like 4 or 5 bee stings, well ive never been stung by a bee but it was probably four or five times worse than an emperor scorpion sting and a lot more localized, rather than my whole hand swelling up it went rather red and only three fingers swelled and the top half of my hand.

The only thing to do aparantly is submerge your hand in water as hot as you can take it, i did this for about 2 hours and after the first hour most of the pain had gone, but the numbness still remains now. Luckily i had read up before on this and Hannah contacted a friend at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, they said basically the same, unless the finger was to swell large enough that it literally will pop (this is possible) there is no point in going to hospital or anything because all they would do is drain and inject you with anti-histamines.
Quite freaky and bizzare how it happened. Totally my fault, was feeding a tiny snowflake eel a soaked lancefish and the lion was obviously hiding at the front under the lip of the tank, as soon as i put the lancefish in the water the lion swam forward, jumped out of the water and took the lancefish, and stinging me on the right index finger with the second dorsal spine.

THE EVIDANCE - 5 minutes in!

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You were quite lucky, the one and only time I was stung by a lionfish, was by 5 spines, and was on my leg. AND, it was dead. It was by a Volitan lionfish that was about 10 inches long that had died. I had put him in the garbage bag, and was taking it out to the curb, when I got hit through the plastic garbage bag. And yes, it is related to a bee sting, but it hurts more like a hornet on steroids! lol.

As for your remidy, you should have tried ammonia for the immediate pain, works much better than the warm water trick. Then use the hot water after the ammonia. The ammonia will neutralize the toxins on the skin and supperficially. Then the hot water helps to break down the protiens in the toxins. This is why I always carry a bottle of ammonia in my SCUBA dive bag. I have use ammonia for fire coral stings, multiple jellyfish stings, fireworm stings, and probably some more I can't remember.

And yes, antihistamines do work to help keep the swelling down, you should take some bennidryl for it.


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Ouch! How's it feel after a day?

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