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Subscribespecies ID needed - newbie
Small Fry
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Hi all!

I am new to marine aquariums etc. mostly I just want to get a tank if someone can tell me what kind of fish this is and if it's easy to keep and so on.

Thank you in advance! :-)


unkown fish:
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Mega Fish
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female usa
That's a flame angelfish, one of the dwarf angelfish of the genus Centropyge. As marines go, they're relatively small and easy to care for. I had a similar species (coral beauty angelfish) in the marine tank I had before I converted it to freshwater.

Before you take the plunge into marine aquariums, realize that it is a hobby that is expensive and requires a fair amount of maintenance. But it has its obvious rewards. You'll probably want to start with a FOWLR tank. It's a little easier to maintain, and you don't have to worry about avoiding fish that will eat corals and other things you might want to keep in a reef aquarium. You will have to keep in mind the aggression level of other tankmates, because even some of the smaller marines (dottybacks, for example) have nasty temperaments. Some of the more seasoned marine aquarists can give you more specific advice.

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