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Subscribe10 gal. Need advice. Been a looooing time.
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female australia au-queensland
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Hello. Been a longtime since I have had a tank/ tanks. But my seven year old has been begging so he is getting one for his birthday.

I have got a small tank 10gal. Taller rather than wide.

What I would like to put in it: 6 male guppies and 6 neon tetras.

I have four plants now and will add another four next week.

I have added stress zyme.

I want to add fish next Saturday. Do you think adding the six guppies would be too many in one go?

If I wanted to add a small catfish or loach and only put in four guppies what would you recommend?

Or should I keep the 6 male guppies and get a snail? For algae control?

And is a week long enough before I add any fish?

Thanks in advanced!
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
No need to wait to add the fish, your tank won't cycle without a source of ammonia and the easiest way is by adding fish.

Not all fish are good for cycling fish though. Be sure you do a quick refresh of the cycling process. Here's a link. Guppies can be ok with the cycling process but it's no guarantee that they won't die. Pick up some Cycle from your fish store. It provides a jump start on the cycling process by introducing the right bacteria from the start. It won't eliminate the stress of cycling, but it can help out when you're cycling with fish.

I would suggest only adding 3 guppies to start with till you've seen ammonia, and nitrIte rise and fall and there are nitrAtes present on your test kits.

Since you mention the tank is taller than it is wide I would stick with just the male guppies. Neons need to be in a school and splitting your stock between 3 male guppies and 3 neons is just not enough for a good sized school for the neons.

What plants are being added to the tank? Plants can help out with the cycling process making it less stressful on the fish, but plants that don't have their needs met will only end up dying and making more trouble.

Catfish and loaches are schooling, however they tend to be more shoaling than tight schoolers (the way neons are). I'd not suggest getting either to start with, but if you do start with just 3 male guppies and decide to get a trio of cories or loaches stick with the smaller varieties. YoYo loaches may work, though I don't feel good about them going in a 10 gallon, especially since you mentioned it's a tall tank. Cory options include pandas, though they do sometimes tend to be more delicate and would not appreciate how easily water quality can fluctuate in a small 10.

Some large ornamental snails can work, but keep in mind that while they do eat algae, they aren't going to eliminate it. Proper water changes and the right balance of nutrients for fish and plants and the right light (keep the tank out of direct sunlight) are the best algae control methods.

Lucky boy, hope you're able to help him learn how to do water changes! He should be able to do the gravel vac if you're able to help him by carrying the used tank water out to the garden.


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Mega Fish
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male usa
I agree that males guppies would be the better choice. Theres just not enough room for the neons, whenthey are in smaller groups the tend tobe really shy andhide alot. For a bottom feeder I would look into a trio of kuhli loaches, they are a pretty interesting fish anc im sure your son would enjoy them.
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