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Small Fry
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female belgium
I'm thinking of setting up my old 7g(30l) tank again. The problem is that it's a tall hexagonal model which I know are not ideal. I have all the materials to create good aeration, heat and filtration as I've had other tanks before. Another thing is that it'll have no real plants.

I don't quite know which fish to go with. I was thinking 6-10 neon tetras and 3-4 ghost shrimp, but I fear that's overstocking it.
Any advice?

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Tall hex tanks are always a problem.

However, some neons and a few ghost shrimp would work, so long as the neons don't munch on the shrimp.

Stick with a small school, 6 is good, 8 might work, I think 10 might come close to pushing it if you don't have live plants. If you can get some javafern to tie onto wood, or duckweed or hornwart to float on the surface you can go with 10.

Another option is to go with a single male betta and some plants. Depending on the bettas temperament you could try getting some ghost shrimp to go with, but mine always ate the shrimp


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