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Small Fry
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I was given this fish by my little brother upon leaving for college, he said he got it from Wal-Mart but he didn't remember what the person who helped him said it was. It looks like it might be a type of tetra, but it seems much more transparent than most photos of tetra that I've seen. I'm posting links to photos of it here (Don't judge me on the photo quality- she's an antsy one!):
The fish has a blue tint to its top and a bit stronger towards its tail, but (apart from the orange of its brain and spinal cord) it seems otherwise colorless. Could you help me with identifying it? Apart from being curious, I want to ensure that I'm taking care of it correctly. Thank you!
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Mega Fish
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female usa
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That's a white-skirt tetra (which is a variety of the black skirt tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi )that has been dyed blue. It would do best in the company of others of its species, but please try to find a shop that sells white-skirts that are not dyed. This is a cruel practice where the live fish are put in acid to strip off their mucus coat, then dipped in dye. They dye these fish a variety of different colors, including green, purple, orange, and pink. They're often sold as "berry tetras".

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
What superlion said is right, these fish aren't naturally that color (or any other color) but they will do find with normal white skirts.

The dying process is very cruel and by purchasing fish that have been dipped in acid you are supporting the practice. Most people don't know what has been done to these fish. Since tetras are schooling fish they should be with their own kind, but will school and be fine with a school of normal white skirts.

What size tank? From the curve of the photo it looks like it's in a bowl which isn't big enough. Have a read through some of the FAQ posted up at the top of the site, and feel free to ask any questions, we're glad to help!


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Small Fry
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A little off topic but there is a new way to color fish now. A scientist (Dr.Zhiyuan Gong) in 1999 was studying the effects of genetically altering fish with jellyfish genes. We wanted to create a fish that would glow in polluted water. The conclusion of his study ended with him injecting jellyfish genes into the eggs of Zebra Danios. Shortly after two CEOs from York Town Technologies (a company in Austin Texas) met this scientist by chance and bought the rights for in home distrubution of these fish. Since then the have also come out with a green Skirt tetra that is created just as the Zebra Danios were. They can be found in most states excluding California because of the Environmental Quality Act, prohibiting the making and selling of genetically altered fish.

Rise and then rise again, until lambs become lions
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