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Small Fry
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I have around a 30 gallon freshwater tank that's been running for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. Currently, the tank is stocked with 5 neon tetras, 2 mollys, 2 platys, and 5 guppys and they all seem to be lively and in good health. I have substrate in the bed with 4-5 live plants a few large rocks that came from a previous tank.

My ammonia level dropped to 0-.25 ppm a few days ago and my nitrite levels are through the roof. I understand this is part of the nitrogen cycle and should be expected.

The hardness of my water though, according to the test kit, is "very" hard, and this is where the reason for my post comes in.

There are snow-white masses accumulating on the substrate.. it almost looks crystallized and it's jagged with a "rock" appearance. These masses are few, probably 3-4 pebble sized with a handful of very small ones.

Could these be calcium deposits as a result of the hardwater? Although, I guess home kits arent too reliable at detecting GH levels.. perhaps the GH isnt as high as the test kit reads..

After talking with a friend, perhaps they are some kind of salt deposits from using too much Start Right? Used some when the tank was first established. Can salt deposit in the water without being dissolved?

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Mega Fish
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phammy, I doubt that they are calcium or mineral deposits from the hard water... that only occurs when the water evaporates and leaves a residue (like in the shower, or on the sides of the glass. Are the white things fuzzy at all? If so I would think them to either be a fungus or a bacterial growth of some sort. This is a tough one, I've never really seen or heard of this before!

Phammy, although I'm sure you know about the nitrogen cycle I'd recommend some water changes 10% or so daily to reduce the nitrites so they don't hurt the fish. I'd leave the growths or whatever they are alone until you figure out what they are because touching them or moving them could release some nasty bits into the water and hurt the live stock... IMO they are nitrogenous bacterial growths (bateria for the nitrogen cycle) I see them on wood and etc when I initially place them in tanks (if it is fuzzy at all?)...

Hope someone with a little more experience can help further!

\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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I agree with brandeeno in that it's not likely deposits.

What type of substrate is in the tank? How many times did you rinse it? What type of rocks are they? Were they ever tested for aquarium suitability?

Monitor the fishes behavior closely before performing a water change. Doing a WC mid cycle can lengthen the time the fish are subjected to ammonia and nitrItes, which can sometimes be worse than high nitrIte levels. Luckily you're stocked with some fairly hardy fish (with the exception of the neon tetras).

Any chance of getting a photo?


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