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Subscribenumber of BN to 200L tank?
Small Fry
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currently have approximately 25 peppermints @ 4-6cm and 2 breeding pair of Albino longfins and 1 pair of breeding common BNs.

Wondering the max that the tank can take given the bioload of BNs?

Also what would be a good dither fish for the top of the tank that won't steal fry?

EDIT: the common pair, 1 albino pair and all 25 pepps are currently sharing a 2.5ft tank (90L) and the water is constantly cloudy due to bioload so looking to offload them as quickly as possible to the new tank. At which rate should I be adding them?
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Mega Fish
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If Im counting correctly you have 30 in total. In the 200L tank you are still pushing it with this many in one tank. There won't be any room for other fish, and if they start breeding the tank will be quickly over crowded. Their current tank is way past the limits right now and some of them if not all of them should be moved ASAP. You need to cycle the new tank first, I would recomend a fishless cycle, as BN can be more sensitive then most going through a cycle wouldn't be good.
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