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male uk
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Hi guys.
I recently purchased 4 Betta channoides. I previously had a pair about a year ago, but after they spawned quickly died. I was recently offered some F1 animals and took an adult male and female and 2 youngsters.
Well today, i witnessed the mating ritual. Unfortunatly i was unable to capture the actuall wrapping, and when i found my camera the male already had a mouthfull of eggs. In this video, you can clearly see the male has a huge mouthfull and looks like he cannot take anymore eggs in.
Do you think the male will eventually take the eggs off the female? I am unsure if this is their first spawn or not, but i doubt it as they are adults and i got them from a breeder.
Please excuse the blue paint, this tank was previously a marine setup that i decided to turn freshwater. Water also a bit blurry due to ketapang leaves.

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male malta
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Thanks for sharing Mez. I'm not much into Betta's but the clip was quite interesting & hope you'll get some fry very soon.
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