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SubscribeBreeding Siamese Figthers.
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male england
Hey can anyone help me.

I currently have one male a 2 female siamese fighters. They are in a tank with only a few other fish, 4 bronze corys a zebra danio and a penguin tetra. One of the females started to harass the male fingther and was fin nipping him, she had chunks of fin in her mouth! I therefore remove the male into a a breeding trap in the same tank. He was perked up and the fins are growing back fine. In the last few days he was been displaying and trying to attack on of the female when she goes near the breeding trap and i notice a few bubbles at the top of the trp. Also that female seems to be hanging around him a lot. Could they be ready to breed? If so what do I do?? I have only bred swordtails and kribs before.

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male usa
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First off you should NEVER put male and female fighters in the same tank if they haven't been conditioned to breeding, hence the reason your female took a chunk out of your males tail. Oh and the reason she is hanging around your male is that she wants to attack him again. Another concern I have is that you have two females in the same tank this means there is a good chance they will probably fight as well since it is best to keep females together in larger numbers so they can establish a pecking order. If you are serious about breeding separate your male and females and condition them properly, there are lots of publications on betta breeding that will help you out. Please take the time to study up, it will benefit you and your fish in the long run! Good luck and take care of your fighters


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Big Fish
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I agree that males and females should ideally be 'paired up' and not just put together. If he's in a breeding trap, try and see him with the 'other' female and see how that goes.
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female australia au-newsouthwales
Are you certain you have a female and not a short finned male?

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