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sweet pea
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female usa
Hello! I recently purchased a 36 gallon Bowfront aquarium. It is up and I just started the cycling process. I am trying to decide what type of Gourami I want.
I really Like the Dwarf, Honey, Pearl and Opaline. The other fish I am thinking of having are

5 fancy Guppy (Male only)
8 Neon Tetra
2 Apisto Borellii
5 Kuhli Loach

Is there one that would be better with those fish or are they all pretty much the same? I really like the Opaline but that aqua advisor site said that opaline gourami may be too agressive for Neons. Is that true?
Thank you again for any advice
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Joe Potato
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male usa us-northcarolina
The only one I'd worry about in terms of aggression is the dwarf. I've found them to vary on a case-by-case basis; some of them are pussycats, some of them are demons. They probably won't mess with the tetras much, but if your guppies could definitely be a target.

Opalines are for the most part okay; I consider them the calmest of all the morphs of blues, but again size could be an issue. A male opaline/blue/gold can hit 6" pretty handily. Again, I think I'd only worry about them with the guppies. An opaline who took a dislike to a fish that size could easily kill it.

Honeys and pearls are both sweethearts (although pearls get to be a decent size, so you could run into future stocking issues). I don't foresee any temperament problems there.

Most of the aggression problems could probably be taken care of with careful planning of plants/decorations. Don't expect any guppy fry to make it if you go with one of the larger gouramis; they'd make a tasty snack. If you're truly worried about aggression issues, stick with honeys or pearls and I think you'll be in tall cotton.

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