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female usa
Hi, so I am soon getting a 55 gallon tank and im moving all my fish that are in my 30 gallon into the 55 gallon and Im going to move my kissing fish from my 10 gallon into my 30 gallon. But I want to put other fish in there besides him but he is agressive towards the other fish I have tried to put in there with him. He is almost 5 inches long, so I mean he isn't a small one. Do you guys know of any fish I could safely put in there with him? Cause that 30 gallon will look pretty bare with just him. Thanks.

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I dont know what you have in the 30 now, but the kisser needs to be in the 55...

as for what to put in there with him, Kissing gouramis can be a tad difficult- Ideally he should be in the 55, and that would give room for a medium sized tetra/ barb school and some loaches for the bottom

say 1 kissing gourami
8 ruby barbs
4 yoyo loaches
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