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SubscribeMale or Female Paradise Fish?
Small Fry
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female usa us-washington
I'm trying to figure out the sex of my albino paradise fish, though he is still a juvenile.

Any ideas?

(photo is a bit blurry and dull)

Attached Image:
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The girl's got crabs!
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female australia au-newsouthwales
I'm leaning towards a male because of the shape of the tail and body, but I've not seen enough juveniles to be able to say for sure.

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Fish Guru
What is this?
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male usa
I vote male! I have seen quite a few....

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Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
when i bred paradise fish for a summer it was hard to tell even the adults apart other than by comparison to fin length. I'd guess male just because there always seems to be a better chance t it being so, but the fins look a little short for a male to me. I guess time will truly tell though.

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